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+ 86-757-23363545, or send Mail to us: yixuanmt@126.com, through our review you can see our most New products, thank you for your cooperation.

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Intentions of Service
1) enthusiastic: always passionate and active help.
2) sincere: sincere communication, match words with deeds.
3) focus on: Focus on service only did the right thing.
4) careful: meticulous, cautious, sure.
5) The patient: patiently, attentively listening, emotional stability, the customer is always right.
6) with an open mind: with an empty cup mentality, the customer will always be our teacher.

Integrity is honesty, and trustworthiness. Honesty is the basic norms of all our behavior.
We say the truth, saying empty words, no exaggeration.
We are law-abiding and sincere, pragmatic, dare to admit, dare to assume responsibility.
We service quality as the center, attention to every detail and do every minor matter, to ensure customer satisfaction.
We do not promise to customers easily, once he had made commitments, excluding the price will go all out.
We have a legal right within the framework of peer-full competition, but not a malicious slander, slander opponents

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